2017 is one of the most exciting years to be a business owner. Never before have so many tools and trends existed to help you grow your business with intelligent marketing. Below are some insider scoops on what works best for brand development, building websites, optimizing you for search engines like google, broadcasting you across the internet and evaluating customer relations, all in order to get you in the best digital shape possible this year.

Thursday, August 24 2017 / Published in i5 Digital News, Marketing, Seo, Technology, Web Design
Search Engine Optimization Improves Website Traffic for Madison Companies In the past, websites often generated traffic even though the site might not have contained quality content. Today, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use complex algorithms to rank sites. This means stagnant or poorly constructed sites no longer find their way onto the search
Thursday, August 17 2017 / Published in i5 Digital News
Arm Yourself with an eCommerce Platform for Greater Sales Success With the world fully immersed in the digital era, having a website is important. Almost as important as offering superior products and services. Choosing the appropriate platform for an online business is vital to success. You’ll find plenty of online platforms available on which to
Thursday, August 10 2017 / Published in i5 Digital News, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design
Social Media Marketing: How to Benefit From Social Shopping Online shopping habits have changed and the term social shopping is what experts use to describe said change. Currently, approximately 74 percent of all consumers are turning to social media when deciding what they want to buy and where they should purchase their products. Business owners
scam-robocall-not-Call from Google
Wednesday, August 02 2017 / Published in Technology
Unfortunately, not all phone calls from people claiming to be associated with Google are a legitimate call from Google. You may receive a phone call from Google to verify your business or confirm details for Google Maps. Or even a call from a Google account manager whom you’ve spoken with before. Google does not: Charge
Tuesday, July 25 2017 / Published in Creative, Marketing, Web Design
SEO and Responsive Website Design: Your Keys to Success With the mass migration of users moving from desktop and notebook computers to mobile devices, a significant percentage of website owners have seen their rankings on Google and the other major search engines slip precipitously. That means sales that could have, in the past, generated profits
i5 Digital and Marketing Membership
Wednesday, June 21 2017 / Published in Brand, i5 Digital News, Marketing
All-inclusive Marketing Memberships i5 Digital announces their start-up business which launched in January 2017. The Digital Marketing company offers All-inclusive Marketing Memberships for increased value. i5 Digital Fitness Focus The business focuses on bringing new business to clients by giving them the necessary tools they need to become Digitally Fit. i5 Digital focuses on five
Wednesday, June 14 2017 / Published in i5 Digital News
Membership-based digital marketing company helps companies tone their digital muscle.   With i5 Digital LLC, cofounders Janis Henslee and Nick Squires have created a membership-based, one-stop shop for all things digital marketing-related. Photograph by Robert San Juan BY JAN WILSON From the pages of In Business magazine. Entrepreneurs Janis Henslee and Nick Squires believe they’re on to
Social Media boost SEO
Wednesday, May 10 2017 / Published in Creative, i5 Digital News, Marketing, Seo, Social Media
Here’s how to Boost SEO through Social Media Search engines continue to upgrade their algorithms to guarantee they are providing the best results for users. As more individuals turn to social networks, the search engines now place more importance on these sites when making these changes to their formulas. Social Media Practices to Boost SEO,
White Hat SEO Techniques, i5 Digital, Madison WI
Wednesday, April 19 2017 / Published in i5 Digital News, Marketing, Seo
Understanding Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques Search engines continue to find new ways to improve the user experience. In the past, businesses could boost their ranking simply by keyword stuffing, but this often prevented users from finding what they were after. Today, search engines consider techniques such as this to be a black