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All-inclusive Marketing Memberships

i5 Digital announces their start-up business which launched in January 2017. The Digital Marketing company offers All-inclusive Marketing Memberships for increased value.

i5 Digital Fitness Focus

The business focuses on bringing new business to clients by giving them the necessary tools they need to become Digitally Fit. i5 Digital focuses on five rounds of success: Brand, Build, Optimize, Broadcast and Evaluate.


Brand sets the company’s foundation. This step is the time where i5 Digital gets to know the client’s business better by developing the Members brand. Members first complete a questionnaire before the Brand Round and the Build Round. Then the first Monday following the completion of the Round 1 Questionnaire the i5 Digital team holds a whiteboard session. Finally, the Member’s vision will be cultivated using this session.


Build comes after Brand to develop a digital presence. The Members Digital Coach gives the completed logo and brand guide to the Member after final approval.

Building SEO during Optimization is the longest stage. Written are press releases and articles, content writing is produced and more. Consequently, the Optimize round takes the longest time to see results. This is where SEO is constantly being submitted to search engines, press releases are compiled, content writing is produced and more.


Broadcasting is where the Members company will become visible across the Internet. Then it will show up in the correct search engines through Directory Listings and Organic Search Rankings on Google and Bing.


Evaluation is perhaps the most crucial part of Membership and therefore can happen at multiple milestones during membership.  Ultimately the most important occur specifically in the 10th month of membership where the i5 Digital team meets with the Member. This is the evaluation of the member’s results of the last 10 months. This ensures the creation of a Members vision and proven results with increased profits.

The marketing memberships come in levels consisting of  Basic, Premier, and Elite. This offers a wider variety of pricing. The differences in the membership are in the additionally provided professional photography, video services, and SEO work. Every level offers the basic foundation of services. Included is logo design, style guidelines, web design, directory listings, social media management to list a few. This makes everything simpler, more efficient in order to obtain peak Digital Fitness.

For more information about the company and their unique All-Inclusive Membership and how to get started, visit their website at i5 Digital or call 1-608-209-4627.

i5 Digital is a full-service digital marketing company. Members businesses become Digitally Fit through this proven and successful method. The company utilizes five rounds: Brand, Build, Optimize, Broadcast and Evaluate to implement a comprehensive marketing campaign. They offer three levels of memberships to meet the varied needs of Members in a simple, straightforward way. To conclude, the passionate and knowledgeable team works with Members from beginning to end to cultivate the most cohesive online presence.

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