When choosing to work with Digital Fitness, business owners get an entire team and an expert coach who work tirelessly to keep that business’s marketing buff.



Once our team has clearly identified your vision, your Digital Brand Manager starts developing/updating the various aspects of your logo, such as file formats, sizes, and colors, just to name a few things.

Your Digital Coach will work closely with you until they get your approval of your logo.

When your logo has been approved, your Digital Brand Manager begins developing your Style Sheet.

The Style Sheet will include logo design, color palette, font style, imagery and social media design.

Your team will use this Style Sheet to help establish digital brand cohesiveness across your web site and social media channels in Round 2.

The Branding Process Includes:

  • Style Sheet
  • Business Card
  • Logo / Color Pallette
  • Personalized Vision, Look and Feel of your Brand


Our Web Alchemists build you a fully responsive website based on the details you provide!  We will create an informative, visually appealing website consistent with your brand and populated with professional photography for Fit Pro Members, and high quality, relevant stock images for Fit Start Members.

If your company does not have an existing website, we will develop a "coming soon" page where prospective customers can see your logo and contact information to avoid seeing a blank page.

If you have an existing website we will build your website on a subdomain (i.e. so you can work with us on a platform that looks and feels like your live site.


Your SEO Coordinator will manage your local visibility by gaining higher rankings for your business in various web search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “organic” ranking. We focus primarily on Google Search, Bing Search, and Google Maps through tasks including:

On-page optimization - This is where we build title tags, meta tags, description tags, alt tags, etc. in the Admin side of your website so when search engines crawl your site keywords information is gathered in order for search engines to index your pages.

Member's will recieve:

  • 5 SEO Keywords
  • 20 Spoken Keywords
  • Link Building
  • Search engine friendly content writing
  • Press releases and more!


While your website is being developed, your Social Media Manager will begin building your social media profiles for Facebook, *LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, *Nextdoor, Google My Business, Vimeo and YouTube!

Digital Fitness Members typically already have something established on these channels. However, the branding message may not be consistent with other digital branding. This is a critical step - when consumers see your digital presence, they see the same messaging everywhere!


It is important to repeatedly examine your business goals to ensure that your marketing strategy is focused on achieving results. Take a look at your current goals and see how effective your digital marketing plan has been at producing results.

At this point, we should have 5 - 6 months of marketing data to interpret. At your 10-month evaluation we will be trying to answer questions like:

How many potential consumers has your company connected with?

How many prospects did you convert, by category?

Where are these prospects - local? national?

Are these prospects you wanted to connect with?



Digital Fitness works with clients across a range of industries to build their digital presence through aggressive overhaul of their digital marketing tactics and sleek, thoughtful website design.  But you don't have to take our word for it!  We think our work speaks for itself, and are proud to associate ourselves with the content we produce for our clients.   Browse through some of our success stories to see how Digital Fitness gets your online presence in shape.